The Music Man Hits the Right Notes!

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CoSA’s slick Fall production celebrates rhythm, rhyme and syncopation


September 20, 2018— The Music Man, in which music is a powerful metaphor, is the classic story of that smooth-talking swindler, Prof. Harold Hill, who transforms sensible people with mundane existences into impassioned believers in miracles and magic. Meredith Willson’s heartwarming 1957 musical, which won the Tony Award for Best Musical over West Side Story, is a sophisticated, innovative fusion of styles—from singspiel to the barbershop quartet, with a dollop of ravishing romantic ballads, rousing chorales and counterpoint songs that will transport you to River City, Iowa, circa 1912. This clever and inspirational musical opens October 26 at 7pm and features the talented Musical Theatre & Drama students of the Coronado School of Arts.


The Music Man is literally Hill himself (Will Boone), a charming scammer, master of the smooth soft-sell and the power of invented truth who is on the lam. With the help of his former partner Marcellus (Blake Miller), he evades skeptical townspeople and a prying librarian, Marian (Olivia Troyer), who is an unyielding pragmatist, until she yields to the man who got away from 102 counties. Her little brother Winthrop is locked inside his own grief over the death of his father two years ago, and won’t speak because he lisps. The mayor (Morgan Mitchell) is also out to get Hill but his wife (Drew Ward) is all aflutter over her rediscovered dancing talent. Four men who have hated one another for 15 years unite in vocal harmony after Hill convinces them that ”singing is only sustained talking.” When he tells Winthrop that he always believes there’s a band, it would be foolish not to believe it, too.


“Even if you’re seeing The Music Man for the umpteenth time, you can be surprised by the musical’s vigor, warmth, uplift and virtually faultless construction,” according to Barbara Wolf, Chair of CoSA’s award-winning Musical Theatre & Drama conservatory. “It captures the yearning for meaning and connection that reaches beyond small-town America.”


The 570-seat Coronado Performing Arts Center Main Stage Theatre located at 650 D Avenue, is the venue for this sophisticated comedy with performances October 26 (7pm), October 27 (7pm), October 28 (2pm), November 2 and 3 (both 7pm). Tickets are available at the box office 45 minutes prior to performance or online at and range from $10-$20.


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For additional information, sponsorship opportunities or to schedule interviews/appearances by the cast, please contact Nancy McRae at 619-522-4050.

Tickets are available at the box office 45 minutes prior to performance or online at

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