The Film program brings you into the professional world of independent movie-making.  Through the use of the latest HD Cinema Camera, a state-of-the-art Film/Broadcast studio and Premiere Pro editing and post production software – you will become a part of the producer’s unit and create a short film.  Students will collaborate on the planning, production and creation of their film which will be fully produced through the use of a single tracking shot…that is, one continuous camera move for the whole film.

Story line and varied scenes the camera will navigate through are determined on the first few days of the Intensive, followed by the group mission assignments pertaining to:

– Scripting
– Set Design
– Casting
– Location scouting
– Production planning
– Special effects
– Original Music
– Sound recording
– Cast and crew rehearsals

The finale theater show will consist of the first 50 minutes dedicated to several live stage performances including Film program scenes.  The final created short film is shown on the big screen with  a film festival-type Q&A,  with student performers and crew on stage talking about their experience. Most days will run from 10am to 4pm, but detailed schedule will be given on the first day.

Mason Film Intensive 14-2 CHS broadcast studio photo 5 CHS broadcast studio photo 3 CHS broadcast studio photo CHS Broadcast photo 6 Mason Film Intensive 14-2

Meet the Film/TV Program Director:

Tony Perri

Tony’s film and TV career began with producing and anchoring the evening news at the NBC affiliate, KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado.  After raising viewership numbers to all-time highs, Mr. Perri joined the News Team at KFTY-TV, an independent TV station in Santa Rosa – and soon after, was hired by the San Francisco CBS affiliate, KPIX-Channel 5, as the producer, director and reporter for the longest-running local TV show in the country, Evening Magazine.  While with CBS-TV, Perri also produced, hosted and directed TV specials and stories for syndication to the 250 TV stations airing the nationally syndicated show, PM Magazine.

When Michael Eisner was hired to lead the Walt Disney Company by Chairman, Roy Disney, both Eisner and Disney sought to create an in-house Disney broadcast center with the mission of producing live TV events from all the Disney Parks and providing TV networks with broadcast TV news and entertainment stories.  To help lead this new Disney division, Tony Perri was hired by Eisner and became the Walt Disney Company’s very first in-house TV news reporter and live TV event producer and director.

While with the Walt Disney Company and as executive producer and director with Surf’s Up Studios, Tony Perri traveled the planet and set world-wide viewership records with the production of international news stories for Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, SONY, CNN, FOX News, all the major TV networks and for the first Disney-Russia International Film Festival in Moscow and St. Petersburg – where Perri achieved the world-record for the largest viewership numbers ever for an international TV news/entertainment story – when more than 600-million people around the world watched his reports of Walt Disney Chairman, Roy Disney and Mickey Mouse, traveling through Russia and showing classic Disney films to sold-out crowds in Russia’s theaters.

Tony Perri has the good fortune of interviewing, working with and directing hundreds of famous people including Clint Eastwood, George Lucas, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Marie Osmond, Paul McCartney, Dustin Hoffman, Demi Moore, Neil Armstrong and Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and George H. Bush,

Mr. Perri’s latest endeavors include the production of two award-winning independent films: The documentary, School of Thought, starring Academy Award-nominated director, David Lynch and former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr; and the dramatic/documentary-style feature film, Serotonin Rising starring the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra.

Today, Tony Perri has found his home at the Coronado School of the Arts where he teaches TV and film production.

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