Acting & Screenwriting

With our Acting Intensive, participants will collaborate in devising an original production and gain valuable hands-on experience in developing original characters and using performance as a platform for creative story telling. Most days will run from 10am till 4pm with free time around 12pm for lunch each day, with the final live performance on Friday, July 28.  The detailed daily schedule will be sent to you before the program starts.

On top of developing, rehearsing, and producing original work, the acting participants will also take part in performance workshops on several different acting techniques and practices including:


Stanislavski-Meisner-Veiwpoints-Voice/Linklater-Clowning-Improv-Practical Aesthetics-Musical Theatre-Barker Movement


Classes will be geared towards actors with professional ambitions in this field that want to fill their resume with an original experience.  All participants will be featured in the live audience performance finale.

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img_4337-editKatherine Harroff

Katie has an MFA and a BFA.  She acts a lot, writes a lot, has sat through a lot of theory classes, has devised a lot of art with a lot of different kinds of people, and has enjoyed every second of it.  This company is her attempt to take everything she has learned and loved about Theatre and put it all in one place with the help of an amazing group of artists who also have a ton of different kinds of experiences to bring to the table.  It is her belief that Collaborative Community-Based art is really where it is “at” when it comes to Contemporary Theatre.  She is humbled by this entire experience and is growing every day.  She thanks you for reading, thanks you for sharing, thanks you for making space for this wildly different experience in the already crowded art world.  She basically just thanks you for giving a hoot.  We’ll keep on as long as you are here.


Samantha Ginn

Sam Ginn HeadshotSamantha graduated from Sonoma State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts.  Her acting credits include:  When It Comes (The Old Globe Creative Catalyst), The Weir, Sylvia, The Miss Firecracker Contest, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Much Ado About Nothing (New Village Arts), She-Rantulas from Outer Space in 3D! (New York Fringe Festival), The Car Plays (La Jolla Playhouse), Trouble in Mind, Hickorydickory (San Diego Critics Circle Award), Coming Attractions (Moxie Theatre), Scrooge in Rouge (Diversionary Theatre), Edgar and Annabel/Far Away (ion theatre), Seminar, Dog Sees God (InnerMission Productions), and The Warrior’s Duet (Circle Circle dot dot).  She has been a teaching artist for Playwrights Project, North Coast Rep. Theatre School, CYT, and Kids Act.  She currently launched Mondays with Sammie at New Village Arts in association with Kids Act.  It is an improv based theatre class geared for children with special needs to discover the magic of theatre.


Circle Circle dot dot is theater company that engages audiences by creating original Theatre devised from the stories of our community. We allow each new development to be entirely collaborative and inclusive with a broad scope of the art world.  We do this to bring Theatre back to the root of what has always made it important: the ability to allow the world to see and understand itself through stimulating, informative, and highly entertaining art.  

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